Frequently Asked Question

Do You Have Question About This Site, Please Check Our FAQ
Can I take unlimited test, or is there any restrictions?

You can take unlimited test, as much as you like, there is not restrictions. Please do let us know, what do you think about this site.

Can I use your site on my mobile phone?

Yes sure, this site is 100% responsive, and work well on mobile phones and tablet PCs too.

Are these question from DVSA?

No, these are practice questions and DVSA dont disclose real questions and answers, these questions and answers made by experts and they are very close to what you will see in real exam.

Can i review correct answers

Yes sure, at end of exam, you will have option to review questions with correct answer marked with green color and wrong answer marked with red color.

Is the exam questions categorized?

Yes, exams questions are categorized.

Can I see my results in catgories?

Yes, exams score is categorized and at the end of exam, you can see your complete exam result as well as categories result, so you have better understanding of which categories you need working on.